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An exciting summer update for FIFA Mobile on July 14th!
New team skill added!
A more realistic soccer match through improved play experience!
Various convenience improvements!
An authentic challenge mode that everyone can enjoy together has appeared!
Try out the strongest FIFA Mobile this summer through the Authentic Challenge mode!

※ Summer update

1. Authentic Challenge mode
– This is a new mode where you can enjoy playing regardless of team growth by selecting only the teams provided in the mode.

2. Gameplay Improvements
– The locus of the Lofted Groundball Pass has been partially adjusted to improve perception.
– Shooting, take-up trajectory and success rate are adjusted according to the shooting ability.
– In PK situations, the phenomenon that the shooting deviates significantly when swiping is improved.
– Slightly increased the success rate of short shots from inside the penalty box.
– Player auto change option is added. (Auto/Semi-Auto/Manual)

– A more realistic stadium sound is provided by improving the cheering song quality and improving the surround sound.

– Improvements have been made so that uniforms with overlapping colors can be distinguished.
– Improvements have been made so that field goals and PK goals are displayed separately in the record after a game in normal mode.
– A new stadium is added. (Sanderson Park Day / Cloudy / Sunset / Night)

3. Convenience improvement
– A search (filter) function has been added that allows you to quickly select players to use in the evolution and exchange menus.
– Improvements will be made so that players who have grown up are not selected during player exchange ‘auto selection’.

4. Improved attack mode
– Improvements have been made so that the difference in scoring difficulty between (Good/Normal) opportunities in attack mode is clear.
– The phenomenon in which a shot or pass works regardless of key operation when converted to a free kick is fixed.
– The defensive AI that was temporarily dulled by the attacker’s skill in attack mode is improved.

5. Add Academy Rewards
– Team skill will be added as a new academy reward. (Scoopton, Body Painting, Hocus Focus)

6. Server environment improvement
– Intermittent stuttering and some network delays during game login and screen switching are improved.

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